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Fidget Cube-Color Edition

An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.

Main Features:

  • Six sides – Click, Glide, Flip, Breathe, Roll and Spin.
  • Ultra durable and extremely lightweight
  • Help you stay relieved and stress-free, all day long
  • Free Shipping Worldwide!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee




How do I use it?

Fidget Cube Features:
Spin: A rotating dial.
Click: The “dice” side, with 3 buttons that depress to click audibly and 2 that push silently.
Roll: A trio of tactical gears, plus a clickable ball and socket.
Glide: A joystick that coasts across the surface.
Breathe: Modeled after worry stones for rubbing to relieve anxiety…when other…members…aren’t readily available or acceptable for rubbing.
Switch: A classic toggler.

It’s simple. Fidget Cube (patent pending) has six sides. Each side features something to fidget with:









20 reviews for Fidget Cube-Color Edition

  • My kids, who have ADHD, love them!

  • One of the best devices I got. It has really helped me with my anxiety in the middle of classes and even when I’m doing my work. It has also come in handy when I’m teach my dance classes. High recommend buy one. 🙂

  • I bought these for both of my teens (one has ADHD) and they both really love them. Seems to help with fidgets & anxiety.

  • This is a neat little gadget. I carry it with me everywhere I go. Would recommend for those who fidget.

  • The shipping took very long, but when it came it was just as I expected and wanted.

  • Great Quality and packaging

  • I bought the blue and white cube and I LOVE it. It’s firm and feels durable.

  • My kids love these, and they can drive me a little crazy. I’m glad there are several silent actions on here!

  • it’s a high quality product

  • Love the fidget cube. This cube is durable and has a very nice feel to the material. Just one thing…wish it was bigger. It kinda gets lost in my hand.

  • My husband, who loves to fidget, loves this toy. The switch is bit noisy but otherwise it is great and fun to use.

  • Really helps with my anxiety.

  • It seems to be made of high quality materials and it has held up well so far (2 months). The silicone exterior has a nice feel to it. My favorite functions on the cube are the light switch and the ball bearing sphere. The light switch makes a nice loud clicking sound. I take it everywhere I go and people who see me with it always ask me how I like it and where I bought it. I told them that I love it.

  • This is honestly so amazing. I originally purchased it as a gift for my boyfriend, but now I’m going to buy myself and my sister one. It works well, it does what it says, it shipped fast, it’s amazing. My only thing is that it’s not totally silent but it works so well I don’t even care.

  • I love the quality of this fidget cube. Before this cube I ordered some of the cheaper cubes. There is A LOT difference between these. I would 100% recommend you to buy this one.

  • I love these color and the cubes are great quality.

  • I bought two, my husband wanted one after he saw my daughter’s. 🙂 This is a very nice cube.

  • Good quality plastic, nice resistance on the switch, and I love the joystick. I also love the ball bearing even though it doesn’t click. Will consider ordering more from you guys in the future!

  • It’s great, except the joystick wears out within a day or so. Otherwise, it’s really wonderful!

  • Nice little fidget toy. Does the job

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